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Dear friends,

It's all on hold now of course. Like so many other things in our life during these harsh days.

Let's hope for the fun times to be back soon and in the meantime let's take this magical opportunity while the routine of life has shut down, to focus on our real inner wishes.

Love from quiet Jerusalem,


No tours on Shabbat (Saturday)

Alon Kruger loves the Dead Sea and connects to it on a personal level. Therefor he wishes to share it with others and to make it accessible and affordable at all times.


Join Alon's daily trips which take place every day and no matter what the weather is outside. Keep in mind that the Dead Sea is located in a desert where it usually doesn't rain and is always 7-10 degrees warmer than Jerusalem.

Alon finds the Dead Sea to be not only a place to relax and let go, not only a source of health for both body and soul, not just a way to let out the child within us as we float in the water and get covered with mud, but also as a great opportunity to connect to ourselves, to our potential, to reach out to the roots of our energies, to practice yoga, meditation, spirituality, religion or whatever works for us. Stretching, spinning around, and many other flexible moves become fascinating, funny, and adventurous in that magical salty water. Alon has invested much time, money and effort in creating this one-man operation which offers a daily service providing everyone with this unique opportunity to visit the Dead Sea on a private and organized tour for the same cost as doing it alone by public transportation. 

The tour

Alon Kruger offers a variety of unique private tours to the Desert and the Dead Sea. Here you get to enjoy the core and the base of them all: Alon's Daily Dead Sea trip!! Followed by a simple and clear idea: Low cost! High Value!

This Daily trip from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea was created and designed with Alon's deep wish to give everyone at every time an easy, afordable, informitive and comfortble way to visit the Dead sea on a half-day trip for the same price as doing it by public transportation. On most organized tours to the Dead Sea such as the more expensive combind tours, you get a relatively short window of time at the Dead Sea and often in the middle hours of the day. That’s okay for what it is and perhaps gives a chance for the first glimpse of what the Dead Sea has to offer or for having some fun and getting that funny floating with a newspaper photo or covered with mud. But on this unique trip which was completely planned with the Dead Sea in mind you get TWO FULL HOURS at the beach with no time compromises, with no rounded corners, at the better hours of the day and for a very low price. This opens up a whole new level of experience along with a great opportunity for both tourists and locals to relax and to FEEL what this very magical place has to offer.

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